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Water Pollution Essay

water pollution essay

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Water pollution has become a grave problem throughout the last few decades. When waste is mixed with the soil, air, or water, it can be contaminated. These pollutants are contaminating the whole environment. Whether they are alone or combined with a different way of pollutants, they are very harmful to the environment. Over the past 100 years, toxins are increasing with time. Water can be contaminated in various ways. Fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides are indiscriminately used to boost productivity in agriculture. These chemical compounds are not environment-friendly. When they mix with water due to rain or flood or any natural calamity, they pollute water severely. Besides, lubricate is one of the world’s most major pollutants; oil is generally spilled or leaked from water vehicles and mixes with the water. Oil not only pollutes water, but also it can ruin shores and affects wildlife. Sea, Rivers, Canals, and ponds are contaminated by waste and most of the cases human beings are liable for this water pollution. Drinking water is contaminated by organic, inorganic, biological, and radiological ingredients which degrade the quality of drinking water as a matter of consequences it creates a health hazard. Damaged sewage contaminates water with pathogens. The detergent we use contains Phosphates that contaminate water. Sometimes we throw electric battery, chemicals such as Copper. Zinc, Nickel, Titanium as well as human waste into water, thus we pollute the water. Industrial waste that contains toxic chemicals, acids, as well as bases, is thrown into rivers or canals. Due to the impact of these lethal wastes, fish along with other aquatic life are at stake. Seas are being polluted ship-generated discharges of oil and petroleum goods, rubbish etc.

To conclude, we are responsible for a great deal of water pollution. It is our unconsciousness and indifference that help contaminating water greatly. We need to build our consciousness and we must stop contaminating water. Without pure water, we will not be able to survive on this earth. It is our noble duty to save water from polluting and the authority must take proper steps so that no one can pollute the water. Click here to order