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Environmental Pollution Essay

environmental pollution essay

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Environmental pollution is truly one of the utmost issues the globe encounters these days. It is such an issue that affects us financially too. The contamination of the environment can cause diseases. Most people do not know about this problem. This reveals that environmental pollution has become an extremely worse issue that must be taken care of as quickly as possible, not merely for the good of the environment but also for human existence. When the people of the world will deal with the issue, it would absolutely help to ensure the survival of human being. There are many activities we can do to improve the world’s environment pollution. If the world’s environmental pollution is going on, we will have to face destructive consequences.

Pollution can be of many types. Air is polluted by the exhausts of automobiles, dust from chimneys, dangerous gasses, and vapors. We help to produce Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxides, Sulfur Oxides and Hydrocarbons which are very harmful to the human being. Water pollution is also highly risky for us. It can be polluted many ways and filthy water has become the sources of epidemics, illnesses, and stinking odor. We pollute water when we throw the waste into the river, canal and pond. We use detergent for washing purposes, and this detergent contains chemical elements that are very detrimental to our body. Atomic energy is being used in countless methods for mankind’s advantage, conversely atomic explosions which can be disastrous for the environment. Harmful Infrared rays and particles are liable for many deadly diseases. Industrial wastes are very harmful to our body and it pollutes both the water and the air and eventually we become the victim of various industrial wastes.

Finally, we have to save our environment at any cost from being polluted as well as we need to build up consciousness and comprehension among the common people so that they become careful about environmental pollution. We can save our environment by using organic and natural fertilizers, environment-friendly chemicals, bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides and so forth. It is time to do our best to preserve as well as build up a pollution free environment. We should plant trees, make use of eco-friendly merchandise, bio-degradable pickings, and Eco market items, promote conscious about environmental pollution as well. Click here to order