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Air Pollution Essay

air pollution essay

Air pollution is a burning issue so this topic has become a common phenomenon in academic essay writing. Students are often asked to write this type of essay. This topic seems very easy to the students so they write without knowing the facts that carry good grade. Usually, this type of essay is a cause and effect essay. So, a student can get a good grade if they hire easy writing services. A professional and thoroughly experienced essay writer can help a great deal to secure a good grade. To understand the professional tone of this type of pollution essay, we give a sample.

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Air pollution is a major concern for many people across the world. Fresh air consists of several gases. If different gases mix with air, air can be polluted severely. The ozone layer is affected by toxins and eventually, it damages to the environment. The main cause of toxins is dangerous chemical substances. People contaminate air when they use substances like Carbon monoxide. Carbon dioxide is produced when we burn coal, wood and fuels. When these kinds of gases come to contact with the atmosphere, the ozone layer will be affected. To get rid of the bad impact of air pollution, we have to take precautions.

The reasons of Air pollution

There are scores of good reasons for air pollution; among them, burning of wood for cooking, natural gas, coal in industries, railways, petroleum in aircraft, automobiles etc. besides, in case of Metallurgical processing; such as, mineral dust, gases having fluorides, Sulphides and metallic impurities like Beryllium, Chromium, Zinc, Nickel, Arsenic, Cadmium, Vanadium, Mercury; air can be polluted. When the farmer uses chemical pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides – it also pollutes the air. Air can be polluted naturally by spores, pollen, volcanic gases and marsh gas. The key cause of toxins in the metropolitan areas is auto that ineffectually burn petroleum, releases 75% of noise as well as 80% of air pollutants.

The impact of Air pollution

The consequences of air pollution are immense, as it is dangerous for human beings, animals and so on. The particulate substances consist of liquid and solid particles; the gaseous consist of such substances which are in the gaseous condition as usual pressure and temperature. Smoke and dust particles are responsible for the nuisance of our respiratory tract moreover, produces lung diseases, bronchitis and asthma. Smog contains chemicals like NO2, SO2 and H2S. It harms plant life from side to side necrosis and glazing; reduced accessibility of light as well. It is responsible for respiratory troubles. Human action shapes nitrogen oxides in the ignition process of automobiles, industries, nitrogen fertilizers and incinerators. Due to the impact of nitrogen oxides’ photochemical smog, we face blood stream congestion, eye irritability, dilation of arteries and respiratory troubles too. As we are burning oil excessively, it increases more CO2 and reflects infra-red radiation. It causes high-temperature and helps to dissolve polar ice caps that help to flood the fertile lands. Aerosols as well as jet flight emissions contain Chlorofluorocarbons that destroy ozone layers.

How to Restrain Air Pollution

As long as we cannot develop our consciousness, we will not be able to restrain air pollution. Many numerous initiatives can save us from air pollution, such as; we must not allow industrial infrastructures in residential areas. We ought not to use faulty chimneys in industries, poisonous gases should be removed by applying high technology, it is very important to use high-temperature incinerators, we should reduce our dependence on geothermal power, nuclear power, tidal power, wind power and solar power etc. We have to cut the amount of petrol use and we should look for fuels which are pollution free. Updated technology has to be introduced to recycle and remove wastes.

In fine, air pollution is a serious threat to the environment and human existence. It is rising day by day at an alarming rate. So proper measures and our consciousness can save us from air pollution and make this mother earth a better place to live. Click here to order